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- Updated October 10, 2019

Picture the impact of surprising your guests with television that emerges from a hidden underground chamber, elegantly unfolds, & displays a gorgeous & seamless image, all in 45 seconds. The C-SEED TV is bright enough for daytime viewing, weatherproof, & rotates 270 degrees for optimal viewing angles. Powerful audio comes from the 12 high-fidelity speakers and 3 subwoofers below the image area. Transform any lawn or poolside into an outdoor viewing area with this striking combination of sleek design and stunning imagery.

An unparalleled viewing experience– spectacular image quality on High Dynamic Range LED screens, along with a unique collapsible design by Porsche Design Studios, create the world’s most impressive Television. Dvizion offers 3 models of C-SEED’s luxury outdoor TV’s: the 144, 201, & 301. From a compact 10 ft width to an imposing 15 ft, to an extraordinary 22 ft.


Of all the large-format TV displays for private use, LED screens produce by far the most brilliant colors. Nothing can compete with the staggering range of vibrant high-resolution colors that make the C SEED 201 screen come alive. Along with the screen´s exceptional luminosity of 4.500 nits and a high refresh rate, the best pixel pitch ensures crystal clear, true-color images, even in the brightest daylight conditions.

OUTDOOR C-SEED 301/201/144

Seven columns of seamlessly unfolding LED screens to make up the 301 & 201-inch screen, while five columns create the 144-inch screen. Activated by remote control, the cover slides back to reveal the sleek television that reaches its full height within 15 seconds. Rotate up to 135° in any direction for optimal viewing angle.


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